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Dissecting a planet in the lab

Travelling to the moon to understand the earth

To learn more about planet earth we have to travel to the moon. In his lab at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, experimental petrologist Wim van Westrenen recreates the conditions at the heart of a planet. He studies rock from the inside of planets to better understand how our earth, moon and other planets function. Because in order to understand life, terrestrial or extra-terrestrial, we need to know what the planet we live on is made of.


This video is only available in Dutch.


<p>Produced by Fast Facts</p>
<p>With the support of The Young Academy and Wim van Westrenen</p>
<p>Thanks to Iris Koopmans, The Young Academy Office, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam</p>
<p>Made by: Aline Idzerda 2011</p>
<p>Camera &amp; editing: Frithmedia</p>
<p>Graphic design: SproetS</p>
<p>Music: Daan van West</p>