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The invisible glue of the Milky Way

Exploring intergalactic magnetic forces

This video is available in Dutch only.

We earthlings know little about magnetic forces. Down here we experience gravity as a constant force that makes apples fall down and keeps our feet on the ground. But intergalactic magnetic fields are not at all constant. There are large and small scale fields, strong and weaker ones, strangely shaped clouds, slowly changing or very turbulent. Astrophysicist Marijke Haverkorn at the Radboud University in Nijmegen explores the magnetic forces in the Milky Way and studies their role in the intergalactic ecosystem.


Produced by Fast Facts
With the support of The Young Academy

Thanks to Radboud University, Astron and Lofar
With images of: Blue Media, NASA, Vibor Jelic (University of Groningen & ASTRON), the LOFAR-EoR team, Radboud University

Made by: Jasmijn Snoijink 2014
In cooperation with
Camera & editing: Wouter Boes
Music: Daan van West
Graphic design: SproetS