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The ideal Dutchman

Nationale identiteitsvorming tussen 1648 en 1815

This video is available in Dutch only.

We Dutchies all know the advertisement of the Unox sausage sandwich: the Dutchiest sandwich of all. But what is Dutch exactly? Is there such a thing as the ideal Dutchmen or a Dutch national identity? And if so, when did it come into existence? Lotte Jensen studies historical cultural texts in search of the roots of the Dutch identity.


Produced by: Fast Facts
With the support of: The Young Academy

Thanks to: The Radboud University

Made by: Jasmijn Snoijink 2014
In cooperation with:
Camera: Wouter Boes and Michel Bosch
Editing: Wouter Boes
Music: Daan van West
Graphic design: Sjoerd Kaandorp