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Embryos, the making of

How the Hox clock develops us into well-shaped beings

The development of an embryo is a most fascinating event in life. How a single fertilised egg-cell gives rise to a marvellously organised new child is an exiting but complex process. Some of the principles governing the way embryonic bodies grow, are the same since millions of years. The research group of Jacqueline Deschamps wants to understand how embryonic development is controlled.


Geproduceerd door Fast Facts
Mogelijk gemaakt door het Hubrecht Instituut

Met dank aan de medewerkers van het Hubrecht Instituut, de onderzoekers van de Jacqueline Deschamps Groep, Roel Neijts en Monika Bialecka

Gemaakt door: Moira van Dijk 2012
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Camera & montage: Wouter Boes
Muziek: Daan van West
Grafisch ontwerp: SproetS