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Adjusting the rudder

Maths and ship maneuverability

Before a newly designed ship is seaworthy, there is a lot of checking to do. Is the ship capable of maneuvering well? MARIN, the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, links hydrodynamic research to the maritime industry.

At their laboratories maritime constructions such as ships and oil drilling platforms are tested for safety, efficiency and performance. One of the important aspects is the maneuverability of ships. This is currently determined by measuring the forces on a model of the ship while it moves through the water. The results are translated into large systems of equations, which can be solved on the computer. These computer simulations are very timeconsuming. Is there an easier and faster way to solve these equations? That's the challenge that MARIN brought to the Study Group Mathematics in Industry in January 2011.


<p>Produced by Fast Facts<br />
With the support of Eindhoven University of Technology and Mark Peletier<br />
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Thanks to<br />
Ed van Daalen, senior researcher Research &amp; Development at MARIN<br />
Participants of the Study Group Mathematics with Industry, Amsterdam, 2011: Mochamad Apri, Nicodemus Banagaaya, Jan Bouwe van den Berg, Rogier Brussee, Tasnim Fatima, Faisal Irzal, Jens Rademacher, Bob Rink, Frits Veerman, Steven Verpoort<br />
Group actors: Nicodemus Banagaaya, Joep Evers, Tasnim Fatima, Patrick van Meurs, Mark Peletier</p>
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Made by: Jasmijn Snoijink 2012<br />
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Camera: Irene Driessen IPSO<br />
Editing &amp; compositing: Jonathan Massey<br />
Ship and research images: MARIN<br />
Music: Daan van West<br />
Graphic design: SproetS</p>