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A purifying screen

How the kidneys regulate our mineral balance

The kidneys are the hard workers of our body, purifying every single drop of blood three hundred times a day. As a miraculous screen, they ensure that we get rid of the bad substances in our bodies without losing the good stuff. Joost Hoenderop is a molecular kidney physiologist. He examines how this system works.

This video is only available in Dutch.


<p>Produced by Fast Facts<br />
With the support of The Young Academy en Joost Hoenderop<br />
<br />
Thanks to Iris Koopmans, The Young Academy Office, all members of the Fysiology department, Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life Sciences,&nbsp;UMC St Radboud, Nijmegen</p>
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Made by: Aline Idzerda 2012</p>
<p>In cooperation wit<br />
Camera &amp; editing: Persistent Vision<br />
Music: Daan van West<br />
Graphic design: SproetS</p>