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Optimize your health

The psychology of health and disease

Your actions and thoughts affect your health. But we actually still know very little about the interaction between psychology and medicine. Is it possible to use your behaviour and thoughts to feel less ill? Health psychologist Andrea Evers investigates how we can optimize our own health.


Produced by Fast Facts 
Commissioned by: The Young Academy

Thanks to Danielle Bartels, Sylvia van Beugen, Atie Breugem, Roel Hogervorst, Antionette van Laarhoven, Meriem Manaï, Stefanie Meeuwis, Henriët van Middendorp, Marloes van Moort, Kaya Peerdeman, Aleksandrina Skvortsova, Judith Tekampe, Roos van der Vaart en Lieke Wirken, Health, Medical and Neuropsychology Unit, Leiden University

Made by: Aline Idzerda 2014
In cooperation with:
Camera & editing: Wouter Boes
Music: Daan van West
Graphics: SproetS