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Of young spirits and genes

What DNA repair can teach us about ageing

Our DNA is constantly being damaged, for example by UV radiation and toxins. Lucky for us, our DNA can also repair itself. The Jan Hoeijmakers Group at the Erasmus Medical Centre researches these repair processes. It turns out they have impact on cancer development, as well as on ageing mechanisms. Can the key to living happily and healthily be found on this micro level?

This video was made in the context of the KNAW Award Academy Professors. In 2011, the KNAW first granted this award, which went to geneticist Jan Hoeijmakers (Erasmus MC) and economical historian Jan Luiten van Zanden (Utrecht University). The awards is for one million Euro, are to be dedicated to scientific work and are conceived as lifetime achievement awards.


This video is only available in English.


<p>Produced by: Fast Facts<br />
With the support of: KNAW<br />
<br />
Thanks to&nbsp;Jan Hoeijmakers, Ad Willeboordse, Dick Bootsma, Lieneke Uittenboogaard, Irene van Houten, KNAW, Erasmus University Rotterdam</p>
<p><br />
Made by: Marieke Aafjes 2011<br />
In cooperation with<br />
Camera &amp; editing: Frithmedia<br />
Graphic design: Sproets<br />
Music: Daan van West</p>