Patient Education

Fast Facts promotes good patient education and has developed a video format to improve patient information: the audiovisual treatment route. Patients scheduled to come to hospital for tests or treatment, can prepare properly and will know what to expect. This can help to calm patients’ nerves and can help avoid common misunderstandings, for example about a concept like sobriety.

In the Fast Facts Treatment Route the patient is welcomed to the relevant hospital department. A nurse from the hospital will walk us through the entire treatment. The patient receives accessible information about the operation of the department and the scheduled tests, possibly including a demonstration of the relevant treatment by the doctor.

The expertise of the hospital and the department is central to the creation of the videos. In the videos, both the medical and the necessary psychological and administrative information is included.

Fast Facts can offer advice on setting up a structured approach to audiovisual patient education.

Treatment Route Colonoscopy for Medical Center Alkmaar
What awaits you if you get a survey of your large intestine, also called colonoscopy? Step by step we take you through the procedure as performed by the Medical Center Alkmaar.

This video is only available in Dutch.
Colonoscopie Medisch Centrum Alkmaar from Fast Facts on Vimeo.