Europe's goal for 2010 was: 25% of professors to be female. The Netherlands has not achieved this, by far: not more than one out of ten professorships are filled by a woman. In European perspective, the Netherlands is leaching behind. Fast Facts contributed to a greater visibility of excelling research of women in science with the series ‘Madam Professor’.

Madam Professor on tour
After the successful debate on international women’s day 2010 on the Women Inc. festival, Madam Professor goes on tour in 2011. Sandra Rottenberg presented five talkshows, each from a different university, in which three women topscientists and a guest from outside the academic world discuss a topic in actuality.

Madam Professor was able to go on tour with the support of the National Network of Women Professors (LNVH), in collaboration with the magazine ésta, WOMEN Inc. and Fast Facts.

Expansion of series
The series about women topscientists is a growing series. If you would like to capture the research of women topscientists at your institution in Fast Facts videos, please contact Fast Facts through info at fastfacts dot nl.