Green Facts

Series: Green Facts
Since the climate summit in Copenhagen, we find ourselves in a state of climate confusion. Alarm about global warming is confronted with climate skepticism. The uncanny feeling arises that even within science there is no consensus on the state of the climate. Who should we believe? Green Facts wants to provide a platform for  excellent Dutch scientific research on climate and sustainability. This can be seen  as a scientific response to the climate summit in Copenhagen in 2009 and the following summit in Cancun in 2010.

Green Facts collaborates with social organizations to draw research on sustainability to the attention of the widest possible audience. We also organize a Science Center NEMO, we organize a science festival. The Green Facts videos are distributed to students interested in sustainability studies, career or lifestyle via the online magazine Duurzame Student participates in organizing the science festival.

Green Facts produces a series of videos about excellent research on sustainability and the climate. The videos are distributed to various online platforms through and can be viewed leading up to the multimedia science festival at the Science Center NEMO. Key elements are: making a scientific contribution to the debate on climate change and sustainability and the roles of Dutch pioneers in these scientific fields of science.