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How does a fertilized egg cell develop into an adult body? What happens when this goes wrong? And can you repair body tissue with the bodies own cells? At the Hubrecht Institute an international group of top scientists studies these questions.

Fast Facts publishes seven new videos in the series on research at the Hubrecht Institute, one of the most advanced research institutes in the world in the field of life sciences.

Watch the videos:

Dealing with molecular noise - Alexander van Oudenaarden Group
Understudy gene can be a lifesaver - Niels Geijsen Group
Treasure hunting in junk DNA - Wouter de Laat Group
Molecular travel agency - Rik Korswagen Group
Get your gastrulation right - Jeroen den Hertog Group
Heart morphogenesis - Jeroen Bakkers Group
Embryos, the making of - Jacqueline Dechamps Group